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Fay's Music

Here you will find samples (and some full tracks) of various recordings sung by Fay and albums with which she was involved.

"Deep is the Night" by Klezmer Divas

  1. Khaye Sho
  2. Oy Mame Bin Ich Farlibt
  3. Tif Vi Di Nacht
  4. Yidl Mitn Fidl
  5. Papirosen
  6. I Miss You
  7. Avremi Der Marvikher
  8. Zummer Tzeit
  9. Oyfn Veg Shteyt A Boym
  10. Zol Shoyn Kumen Di Geule
  • 35s sample
  • 35s sample
  • full track
  • 30s sample
  • 35s sample
  • 30s sample
  • 60s sample
  • 25s sample
  • full track
  • 60s sample

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Fay's Video Clips

Clip from "Pockets of Hope"

Klezmer Divas at the National Gallery, Canberra

Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen

Zol Shoyn Kumen Di Geule

Oy Mame Bin Ich Farlibt


Abi Gezunt

Bi Mir Bistu Shein

Glazele Yash

Shein Vi Di Levone

Yidl Mitn Fidl

Zol Shoyn Kumen Di Geule


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