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The Klezmer Divas

The Klezmer Divas Gigs

The Klezmer Divas have played at the following:

25 Mar 2012 -Shir Madness festival
9 May 2012 -Camelot Lounge
22 Jul 2012 -Courage to Care 13th year bar mitzvah celebration at B’B
2 Sep 2012 -Blue Beat
21 Oct 2012 -Harmony Walk at Coogee Beach
18 Nov 2012 -Blue beat
8 Mar 2013 -National Gallery in Canberra – Toulouse Lautrec exhibition
9 Mar 2013 -National Gallery in Canberra – Enlighten Festival
2-7 July 2013 -Poland – Warsaw, Zyrardow, Zdunska Wola, Krakow & Szczekociny
25 Aug 2013 -Camelot Lounge
3 Nov 2013 -Blue Beat with special guest artist Ben Goldstein from the TV show the Voice
13 Nov 2013 -Interfaith Conference at NSW Parliamant House
8 Dec 2013 -Camelot Lounge with Doina performing Yiddish Tango and Klezmer

The Klezmer Divas are celebrating their 1st CD Launch

Klezmer Divas are one of the most creative and exciting new Klezmer bands on the scene.  This intoxicating combination of music is played in a harmonic minor, taking you on a journey through the 1930’s swing era of jazz, Gypsy, tango, waltz, with a Klezmer Yiddish flavour, incorporating beautiful Eastern European melodies.

The sound of Fay Sussman’s soulful and emotive singing, is comparable to the Berlin cabaret of Marlene Dietrich.  Fay was reviewed in the Polish press, after her performance at the Polish embassy, comparing her to a “Yiddish Piaf”.  Her rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah for Harmony day at the town hall was moving and inspirational and was captured by SBS T.V.

Lead singer Fay Sussman has been invited to perform at many of the festivals around Australia, including Woodford folk festival, the global festival in Bellingen, the national folk festival in Canberra, Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast, Nambour, Melanie, New Zealand and Perth.  In Sydney, she has performed at Irish pubs, Camelot lounge, the Vanguard, Club 505, Café Carnival, Hunters Lodge (now the Blue Beat), Hakoah Club and Shir Madness music festival.  She has been interviewed on national ABC radio by Rachael Kohn (Spirit of Things), by John Cleary on East Side Radio and SBS radio.  Fay Sussman has been acknowledged as one of the mainstays of the world music scene in Australia.

Lara Goodridge is an acclaimed violinist and singer, performing with the FourPlay String Quartet, singing in French with Abby Dobson in Baby et Lulu.  Her beautiful voice and violin playing is haunting and sexy.  Her rendition of George Gershwin’s summertime in Yiddish with Phil Marks on piano is beautiful and sensitive.

Phil Marks, an acclaimed Jazz pianist, brings an exquisite sound to this ensemble.  See his web site.

Daniel Weltlinger on violin is arguably the number one gypsy/jazz violinist in Australia,  performing with bands such as Zohar’s Nigun, Asmatics, and touring with Lulu Reinhardt all over the world.

The multi instrumentalist Eddie Bronson on clarinet, performing also with Aria award band Monsieur Camembert, stuns listeners every time he plays.

Philippe Wittwer on accordion brings his wealth of experience and heart, having performed in London with the best Romanian Klezmer Gypsy band in Sydney, Kush Café, and the Jango Holics.

Mark Harrris on doubled bass, who brings such colour, personality and mastery to the Divas, is also part of Monsieur Camembert band.

Fay Sussman, Lara Goodridge, Phillipe Wittwer, Eddie Bronson, Daniel Weltlinger, Mark Harris and Phil Marks will take you on a joyful journey that will warm your heart, excite and surprise you.

Why not listen to samples of their new CD?

Back row: Eddie Bronson, Mark Harris and Daniel Weltlinger
Front row: Philippe Wittwer, Fay Sussman and Lara Goodridge

Phil Marks


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